Discover Berlin’s hidden history.


The Challenge

The Berlin Wall is amongst the most photographed landmarks in the world. But hardly anyone knows the dramatic history of the former boxer. We wanted to increase interest in this period of history and attract visitors to the many museums of the city.

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery

The Idea

With a spectacular installation we turned the last segments of the Berlin Wall into projection surfaces and let photographing tourists discover the history of the former border by themselves.

What made it special: The projections were only triggered for a split second by camera flashes. Hardly visible to the human eye. But on their photos visitors captured stunning images of 28 years Berlin Wall history. And our message: Discover Berlin’s hidden history.

Projection not visible to the human eye.

Projection is not visible to the human eye.

Discover Berlin’s hidden history.

Discover Berlin’s hidden history.

How it works


We installed special red projector boxes in front of the most visited segments of the Berlin Wall which were only triggered by the flash of photo cameras for a split second. To short for the human eye the hidden message only appeared in the photograph.

The Result

Our installation turned normal sightseeing-tours into thinning time travels. Tourists form all over the world got stunning photographic souvenirs and Berlin’s museums attracted a lot of new visitors.

Agency: BBDO Berlin
Date: 2014
Job: Idea
Creative Directors: Wolfgang Schneider, David Mously, Jan Harbeck, Max Millies, Marius Lohmann
Copywriter: Lars Baldermann
Art Directors: Nina Mendez, Christopher Brinkmann
Junior AD: Fabian Reuther